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 12th Annual
Woodies in the Valley
March 9-11, 2018

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Well, let's just say we have some good news and some not-so-good news.

The GOOD news is that weather for our Friday night drive-in event should be just fine - and as a result we WILL proceed with that event as planned.

The NOT-SO-GOOD news is that Saturday appears to be a "washout" with 90% chance of rain forecast. Although we are very sorry to keep having this on-again/off-again information to share, it looks like our scheduled "Woodies in the Valley" event (as we planned it) will have to be cancelled. 

Although trying to re-schedule in the near-future with "iffy" weather (and a crowded calendar) is unlikely, we ARE however, offering an alternative to those brave woodie owners and friends who have already made plans to come - with or without their woodies. So here's the "revised" WIV plans for this weekend:

As stated above, no change in Friday night "American Graffiti" movie event. Gate opens at 5 p.m. Hope to see you there!
Saturday morning, we will NOT have our traditional show at Redwood High School, but rather meet up at Brian & Sandy Blains' home and car collection. Those who have been there know it is an awesome venue, with beautiful surroundings, great car-repair areas, paint booth, machine shop, nostalgic 60's diner replica (complete with juke box), many very cool cars and a lot of general automobilia. This will be primarily an indoor event, with the option to move outside if weather permits. There will be plastic covers available if you DO opt to bring your woodie or other vehicle that needs covered. We would plan to arrive there between about 8 and 10 a.m. with our traditional "Sunday Breakfast" being served up a day early! And again, stay as little or as long as you wish.

If weather permits, we will have a short cruise as well.

We will also still have our group dinner that evening for all that want to join us.

Any vehicle you wish to drive will be more than welcome - woodie or not.
We will have food available and you are welcome to spend as little/much time there as you would like. We will still have our raffles going on, and it will still be a great time to visit with each other. We will likewise have our traditional "WIV Food Pails" available to all woodie-folks, regardless of what you drove to the event. Assuming that we will get some breaks in the weather, Brian says he will get some of the cars out of the garage and run them around his track offering rides as well.

We are so very sorry for having to change things on everyone - we DO realize that there is a lot that goes into anyone's plans to come here - and we base our decisions on what would be the BEST choice among all options. Unfortunately, we don't have too many options to choose from!

Anyway, that's where we stand. If you still have interest in coming, we'd LOVE to have you - and would appreciate it greatly if you would let us know with a quick email, text, or phone call.  If you opt to stay home, we totally respect that as well.  If we don't see you at this event, we WILL see you at another!

All the Best!

Wayne Yada,
Central Valley Woodie Club

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Once again the Central Valley Chapter of the National Woodie Club will be hosting the first California all-woodie car show of the 2018 season. The 12
th annual "Woodies in the Valley" event has been set for Friday, March 9 thru Sunday, March 11, in Visalia, CA.

Our Friday night event will be a little different this year as we are teaming up with the Visalia Breakfast Lions Club and will be re-creating a drive-in movie just to the east of Visalia Adult School, 3110 E Houston Ave, in Visalia. Note: this venue is located in the northeast quadrant of the city and is a DIFFERENT campus than our Saturday show venue.  We will be showing the classic movie American Graffiti and will be inviting other local car clubs to this event as well. There will be a giant inflatable screen, powerful projector, and FM transmitter (for sound). We will also have large speakers for those who want to bring their folding chairs and just sit outside and enjoy the overall experience. The movie is scheduled to start at 6:45 p.m., but we will be allowing cars in as early as 5 p.m. Price will be $10 per carload. There will be food and drink available for purchase at that time. This should be a LOT of fun!

Saturday morning starts with our regular ‘show ‘n shine’ at Redwood High School, 1001 W Main St, in downtown Visalia. It will run from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Just because of the way the calendar falls, Visalia's annual Saint Patrick's Parade will NOT be held the same day as our event, so we will not be participating.

Immediately following the 'show 'n shine' will be our scenic afternoon cruise, taking us through some great ag country, seeing many beautiful blossoms and some quaint towns along the way. We will also include a snack stop and some "car stuff" as well!

Saturday evening there will be an optional group dinner for those who wish to participate. Others are welcome to try out one of the myriad of awesome restaurants Visalia has to share. 

Sunday morning will feature a homemade “farewell breakfast” at the home and car collection of members Brian and Sandy Blain.

Our hotel room blocks are now in place:

The Visalia Marriott has just added a few more rooms to our block, so feel free to call them at 559-636-1111.

The Comfort Suites ($109/night) offers a suite-type room, free breakfast, and free covered parking (also with overnight security). For reservations there, you will need to contact them via phone: 559-738-1700.

Again, be sure to mention our “Woodies in the Valley” show in order to get our rates.

More information will be posted as it becomes available, so come back often!

For more information regarding Woodies in the Valley or the Central Valley Woodie Club, contact club president Wayne Yada: info@valleywoodies.com or 559-967-1357


Thanks to photographers David Miller, Tom Malone, and Larry Pruitt (Sierra Aeriform), we have some great photos and drone video to help us remember last year's show weekend. Below are links to the various events. If you have photos you'd like to share, please forward them to Wayne. After viewing photos and video on these linked sites, use your browser's "back" arrow to return to this site:

Friday night A&W gathering

Saturday morning car show

Saturday morning St. Patty's Day Parade

Saturday cruise & drone video

Drone video only

Tom Meleo's Chevy collection

We will be posting more info on this website as it becomes available.
For more information regarding Woodies in the Valley or the Central Valley Woodie Club, contact club president Wayne Yada: info@valleywoodies.com or 559-967-1357.

See you on March 9-10-11!!

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