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 14th Annual
Woodies in the Valley
"One for the Books"!

Well, out of 14 events, this one was undoubtedly filled with the most drama . . . but nonetheless completed successfully March 13-15, 2020.

Initially, long-term weather looked fine, but then about 10 days out, SoCal started forecasting rain. This is a concern to us as many of our attendees come from there. While weather here continued to look good for Friday and Saturday, it never got better down south. While several woodies from SoCal DID brave the rain and came up, several more came sans woodies to join in the festivities. 

For 14 years, wet weather had always been our main potential deterrent for attendance. However, THIS year we had issues we would not fully understand - even until the day/hour of our show. Namely the coronavirus, started raising havoc in the U.S. - and specifically in California - primarily in the week leading up to our show. While major events were getting cancelled during the later part of the week statewide, we were under the impression we would just squeak through. Especially since as of 4 p.m. on Friday, we had a green light to proceed with our Saturday show on the Redwood High School campus. However, at 4:45 p.m. we received word that the school district had just announced the closure of all of its campuses as of the end of the school day on Friday. Since we had already gotten our approval just an hour prior, and also considering we don't even need to get into any of the buildings on campus (except the restrooms), we thought we were still ok. Not so fast. The school board went into a marathon meeting and it wasn't until 10:45 p.m. Friday night that were told that our event scheduled to start in eight hours had been cancelled!  

Long story short: Fortunately we had a "Plan B" and immediately implemented it. One of our club members has a property large enough to accommodate the woodies that were coming (or already here), but unfortunately not enough room to accommodate the public. So at midnight on Friday night we reluctantly posted event cancellation signs on the Redwood lawn. Then through mostly online communication, notified attendees of the change. The end result was that we had an awesome show and a great day on Saturday - with virtually zero rain! The downside of course was that we didn't have the privilege to mingle with the public - which woodie owners typically love to do. 

Thanks to all members and friends who came to our rescue. It was a miracle that we were able to pull it off at all. Further, by the day following our event, other March and April woodie events throughout the state HAD been cancelled. Depending on how this plays out, our woodie show could not only be the FIRST one of the season - but the ONLY one as well. Let's hope that's not the case!

In the meantime, the links below will take you to some photos of our event - both Friday night at A&W plus the Saturday show and subsequent cruise ending at the Tulare County Museum in Mooney Grove:



All the Best!

Wayne Yada,
Central Valley Woodie Club

10-Day Weather Forecast

For more information regarding Woodies in the Valley or the Central Valley Woodie Club, contact club president Wayne Yada: info@valleywoodies.com or 559-967-1357

2017 Photos

Thanks to photographers David Miller, Tom Malone, and Larry Pruitt (Sierra Aeriform), we have some great photos and drone video to help us remember last year's show weekend. Below are links to the various events. If you have photos you'd like to share, please forward them to Wayne. After viewing photos and video on these linked sites, use your browser's "back" arrow to return to this site:


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