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 Second Annual Woodies in the Valley – THIS Time with BarBQ


The newest of our National Woodie Club chapters, the Central Valley Woodie Club held its second annual Woodies in the Valley on March 1, 2008 at Reedley College, Reedley, California. Proving that they are now getting the hang of it our hosts showed up the night before, at the Edgewater Inn, hard by the Kings River, to greet those who had traveled, in some instances, hundreds of miles, with a barbeque featuring some awesome “tumbled” tri-tip meat from a renowned meat supplier in Exeter, California.  The burgundy-pepper marinade coupled with the talented ministrations of master chef Ernie Crotty helped the tired travelers forget about the travails of navigating sixty and seventy year old cars to what for many is a distant site.  As we all know, Woodie owners are ALWAYS ready to eat.  Your scribe missed the Parsons family dining tour en route to the show, featuring, he is informed, crepes at the Guimonds amongst other gustatory delights.  But I digress. 

Central Valley Club president Wayne Yada missed the Friday night dinner because he stayed near his business in Visalia to assist Santa Barbara Club president Ron Dugger with his car, which, unfortunately needed some “medical attention.”  Wayne arranged to have a local mechanic assist well into the evening hours.  It seems that club presidents prefer Shoebox Fords by a two to zero margin.

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Saturday dawned cool.  Ernie & wife Liss, Wayne & Mary Jayne Yada, Steve & Anita Crotty, Randy Bardone, Garry Brookshire, Rob Goliti, and others arrived “dark and early” to setup the area and greet the owners and occupants of 35 cars, all displayed on a broad expanse of lawn generously furnished by Reedley College.  Celebrity (to us car guys) couple Gary and Marilyn Meadors (of Good Guys fame) arrived in a beautiful 1957 Buick Estate Wagon “Caballero,” since Gary’s woodie was in the shop.  The Meadors originally met at Reedley College, so it is a special place for them.  The best cars, as usual, though, were woodies, brought from as far away as Santa Rosa, California by Gary & Terry O’Connor and from Ukiah, California by Pete and Flo Passof.  The Passof’s 1950 Ford has over 70,000 miles since its modification/restoration, still looks great and has transported them all over the country. 

Besides the great woodies and great woodie people, the event was attended by members of local car and motorcycle clubs as well as participants in a bicycle ride on the Blossom Trail.  Some of their bicycles cost almost as much as an NOS lift gate for one of our cars!  Most notable of the visitors was the Reedley-based “Nomads” car club.  Not only did they stop and admire our cars, they furnished tangible proof of their admiration for the car they adjudged as the finest in the form of a portrait of perhaps the greatest American, Benjamin Franklin, in green ink.  Garry Brookshire was the lucky recipient of the “c-note” for his custom ’51 Shoebox.  Garry showed he was both lucky and good by winning what was - to your author’s mind anyway - the best of the raffle prizes, the woodie quilt lovingly hand-made by Mary Jayne Yada – who kindly informed lucky husband Wayne publicly, that there was no other person for whom she would undertake such a chore.  In addition to lots of additional woodie and car-themed prizes, the top-end raffle prizes included such items as a coveted signed and numbered Ron Heiden surfboard mirror, a woodie pedal car donated by Dave Johnston of American Retro, a vintage-looking suitcase with lots of decals on it from Ron and Janet Riegel, and a framed gicleé print on canvas of the winner’s car from Wayne’s company, Premier Color Graphics.

At 2:00 p.m. the show broke up and the participants cruised about 40 miles of the famed “Blossom Trail.”  As we departed everyone who brought a car was presented with a plaque commemorating the show that included a photo taken that very morning of his/her car with the owner and spouse next to it – we all need to make sure that Wayne does NOT retire any time soon so he can keep printing these.  The towns of Reedley and its neighbors, Sanger and Parlier, fashion themselves the “Nation’s Fruit Basket” and the trees gave all of us a spectacular display of blossoms - white, pink, lavender, and red.  If you have not seen these blooms, you should.  We proved ourselves adept at eating once again when the car cruise stopped at a Foster’s Freeze in Sanger for soft ice cream cones.  During the cruise many of us enjoyed listening to the custom made CD with 1960s car and surf music that was generously furnished in the goodies bags supplied to all participants.  For many of us such a stop was always a special treat from Dad – bringing back happy memories for many of us.

We soon returned to Reedley and headed in our own directions, members of the Up The Hill Club, Santa Barbara Club, Santa Cruz Club, San Diego Club and of course our hosts, the Central Valley Club, reminding each other that we’re friends first and woodie owners second.  This is a weekend that should not be missed and all who attended hope the locals continue what is becoming a tradition.

Bill Sampson

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